Below is a summary of some ideas that could promote a better society and some other misceleanous endevors, the first of which will become a totally standalone website that will have 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt status:

Rein in Sexual Abuse and Harassment (Sexual Abuse Must End) (SAME) website will fulfill a need that couldn’t be more timely: the reining in of sexual abuse and harassment.  After reading about the website below, if you’re on the SAME page with us, consider whether a proud sponsorship or endorsement of the website is right for you.  Just imagine all of the positive feedback and good will that you’d enjoy, and then decide to help us solve some of the most refractory and vexing problems of our times.

Because all victims have the SAME confidential unique nonprofit website to report sexual abuse and harassment makes it more likely abusers will ultimately be found out.  Confidentiality is assured because only people’s initials will be recorded, so hackers can’t get potentially defamatory information.  A victim/their representative will be able to report instances of sexual harassment, bullying or other improper treatment and  the initials of the perpetrator with the details of the abuse.  After a victim/their representative registers an offense they’ll be confidentially notified of substantially similar reports. The notifications won’t include the initials of the alleged abusers or specific details, which if known by the victims would impugn their veracity.  A victim who learns of the existence of other relevant reports should be less reluctant to come forward because they’ll know they aren’t alone, which is the reason they reported to SAME in the first place. 

Reports that are independently made by individuals, who have no knowledge of the another’s claim until one or more of the victims comes forward are more likely to be valid than potential copycat accusations after a victim goes public.  The SAME website discourages false reporting because the veracity of individuals who accuse multiple people would be highly suspect.  This should make those sexual predators the website doesn’t deter more likely to be successfully prosecuted and held accountable for their victims’ horrendous suffering and anguish.  Sexual relationships should only be between individuals who are mutually desirous of sharing intimacy and have the legal capacity to consent.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d like to discuss the possibility of getting some assistance at realizing my methods for the good of justice for all and society. 

 The Registered Voters Contribution Amendment

We need a Constitutional Amendment to begin taking the money and influence of our elected officials from the lobbyists for the big money interests. The 99 percenters need a doable goal if they want a fundamental change to the way we’re governed.

In the wake the of United States Supreme Court decisions regarding political contributions such as Citizens United v. The Federal Election Commission and now McCutcheon v. The Federal Election Commission, I believe that it's even more important that there be a Constitutional Amendment as follows:

The Registered Voters Contribution Amendment (RVCA)The ultimate source of any contributions of money, loans, labor, in-kind contributions nor anything else of value including advertisements irrespective of coordination with a candidate or political action committee for or against any present or future candidates/ballot measures for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election/future election are only allowed from voters who are registered to vote in that election.  Congress will set annually adjusted limits indexed to inflation of the maximum amount that any individual contributor may contribute for or against any individual candidate and separately for or against any individual ballot measure. This Amendment applies to all elections held in the United States, its territories, and possessions whose outcome will apply to the United States or any part thereof.

The Supreme Court can't rule that the RVCA is an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment because it is an Amendment.  Candidates who say they’ll have a litmus test for who they’ll nominate to be judges on the Supreme Court in order to be sure that they’ll overturn/make or not make a ruling they don't like undermines the credibility of the Supreme Court's rulings because that implies that the Supreme Court decides cases on purely political grounds rather than whether the facts of a case comport with the requirements of the Constitution, which is another reason we need The RVCA Constitutional Amendment.  The passage of the RVCA would make elected officials more accountable to the voters they represent rather than to the special interests their lobbyists that currently hold sway, and restore our government to one that’s of the people, by the people, and for the people.  There should be a limit that's adjusted for inflation to the total value of a registered voter's contributions for any of the purposes mentioned above in order to limit the relative influence of any single voter's total contributions.  Perhaps this idea could become the rallying cry of the American 99 percenters that was in the streets protesting against the misdeeds of Wall Street and the every widening wealth gap between the top 1% the of our country and the other 99%.


Declare Dreamers Naturalized Citizens

1. A child shouldn't be punished who did nothing wrong related to the reason they're being punished.

2. Deporting a child equals the punishment of banishment although the person being deported did nothing wrong and isn't a criminal.

3. Requiring a Dreamer to meet special requirements to become a citizen is a form of punishment for an act of their parent(s) for which they had no responsibility and shouldn't be held liable.

4. The doctrine of adoption and condonation should apply to a Dreamer who lived the majority of his or her life as de facto naturalized citizen.

5. Dreams rights would be protected and their punishment prohibited under the 14th Amendment.

Amendment XIV

 Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.  No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


Pragmatic Firearms Regulation

The easiest way to control the problems with semi-automatic weapons and handguns is to limit their rate of fire aka rounds/minute and their muzzle velocity, and magazine size rather than outlawing any specific weapon types or styles or add on devices, e.g., assault weapons and bump stocks.  That way creative individuals can't invent around the specific device restrictions of the law.  These suggestions are in addition to comprehensive background checks and the other common-sense requirements that could also reduce firearm violence and accidents.


World Organization for Multilateral Arms Neutralization

 W*O*M*A*N (Woman)

Taking the first step on the way to the total elimination of weapons of mass destruction could turn back the hands of the nuclear doomsday clock making everyone lot safer then we are now.  No countries with nuclear weapons would be willing to get rid of their nuclear weapons unless all would.  And what’s the probability of that happening anytime in the foreseeable future?  Zero! 

Every country that has nuclear weapons would remove all of its nuclear warheads from their launching devices and put them into storage sites of their own choosing that they’d secure 24/7 with armed guards.  Outside each storage site there would also be an unarmed group of international observers that would monitor the sites 24/7 in order to verify the continuing storage of the warheads or report to Woman that they’ve been removed.  Any country could withdraw from the Woman agreement by giving a 90-day notice of their intent to remove their warheads, however, there wouldn’t be anything to prevent a country from removing their warheads without notice. 

 Some of Woman’s Benefits

In the event that a potential nuclear missile was detected headed toward the US or any other country we/they wouldn’t be forced to decide in scant 3 to 20 minute time frame whether or how to retaliate because we’d/they’d know that there couldn’t be a lot more nuclear missiles on the way.  And because our and their country’s nuclear warheads would be in storage we/they wouldn’t be able to retaliate until we/they remounted our/their nuclear warheads which would mean additional time to determine the origin of the rogue missile along with the possible response options.  Because countries with nuclear arms would retain total control of their nuclear arms while they’re in storage they’re more likely to agree to Woman.  Woman would greatly reduce probability of an accidental or rogue-terrorist launch of a nuclear weapon triggering a nuclear holocaust and thus make the world a much safer place.  And hopefully Woman could be the first step to the complete elimination of all weapons of mass destruction.


I’ve developed a method of preventing the false identification of criminal suspects that would be quite easy and inexpensive to implement. It would improve the efficiency and accuracy of criminal investigations and could prevent the conviction of innocent criminal suspects as well as be a great boon to the criminal justice system and society in general.  I’ve also have a method of reducing theft and the fencing of stolen property that would reduce one of the major sources of funds used by addicts to buy drugs.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d like to discuss the possibility of getting some assistance at realizing my methods for the good of justice for all and society. 


The Real Reason Some People Prefer Analog To Digital

There’s a problem that has been ignored by the entire music industry which I believe is really important for music-lovers that I think you my want to investigate.  Approximately 35 years ago when digital media was introduced to the music consuming public as a media with “Perfect Sound Forever” the music industry made a huge screw up when it got the playback polarity of digital music on CDs and later DVDs, etc., in reversed (inverted polarity).  On a purely random basis that means that digital media and files are heard in the wrong polarity approximately 85% of the time and either 92% wrong or correct when audio systems are set to a fixed playback polarity.

The result is that the music played in inverted polarity sounds harsh and two-dimensional.  And that’s probably the major reason that some music-lovers still believe (without knowing the real reason) that analog sounds better than digital.  Analog media plays in the correct polarity over 99.9% of the time but also sounds bad if played in inverted polarity.  It’s difficult if not impossible to make meaningful comparisons of the fidelity and musicality of media and audio components when they aren’t playing in absolute polarity.  The better the playback system the easier it is to hear the differences in polarity.  Confusion over polarity may cause music-lovers to expend needless time and money trying to smooth out the irritating and flat sound of digital media when the real problem is music played in inverted polarity.

This should be an object lesson on how an entire industry with its experts and electrical engineers can get it wrong and not do anything about if for over 35 years and counting!  So it should be an object lesson that the entire industry that creates recorded music and is based upon scientific principles continues to mostly get polarity wrong.

I've written two monographs that go into great detail about the problem at: and  If you or anyone you know might be interested in developing The Perfect Polarizer™ that will detect and correct polarity in real-time, then please forward this email to them/encourage them to contact me, because I believe it could be accomplished with AI/App.  Now, do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Respectfully submitted,

George S. Louis, Esq., Perfect Polarity Pundit Chief Polarity Buster of the Polarity Police

George S. Louis, Esq., CEO

Digital Systems & Solutions

President San Diego Audio Society (SDAS)


Phone:  619-401-9876


Updated April 17, 2018

Louis Numbers, Louis Primes, and Louis Bonus Primes

I have a degree in mathematics and have created a recursive infinite series (LS) whose Louis numbers (LN) are all relatively prime and includes many prime numbers. The LN aren’t related to Mersenne numbers and the LN get larger much faster than the numbers of the Mersenne series (MS).  But because the LS is recursive it may be much easier to test and prove that a given LN of the LS is a prime than to prove that Mersenne Number (MN) is prime, MNP, i.e., it requires much less computing power (explained in the penultimate paragraph).  That means that if a given prime divides a number of the LN series, that will be the only LN number it divides.  And when a prime number doesn’t divide the series, there always turn out to be a repeating sequence of remainders, so that it only has to be divided into finite number of LN to prove that it will never divide an LN.  The testing of LN for primality may also be done via distributed computing.  I call an LN that’s prime a Louis Prime (LP).  The LP Algorithm (LPA) that finds the LPs is also the 100% proof of the primality of a LP or the primality of a test divisor of a LN I call a Louis Bonus Prime (LBP) and when that test divisor is larger than any known prime the test divisor itself might be large enough itself qualify for a prize.

Now that the $100,000 prize has been won by UCLA for finding a prime number with more than 10^7 digits there's still a total of $400,000 of the original $500,000 prize money remaining for finding a prime number of 10^8 or more digits and $250,000 for finding a prime number of 10^9 or more digits.  Please see: for a detailed description of the contest and prizes.

The recursive sequence I developed is related to the solution of the following problem that I created:  Find five different numbers all > 1 such that the sum of the five numbers equals the product of the five numbers.

A, B, C, D, and E are such that: A + B + C + D + E = ABCDE, Where:  A > B > C > D > E > 1.  You don’t have to solve the problem to work on the computer program because I’ve already found the solution.  But if you want a big hint on solving the problem, I'll be happy to give you one.

I have some additional information regarding my method of finding large prime numbers that you may want to review and perhaps then reconsider your original decision not to follow through with my proposal.

If we have enough computing resources and time, when a Test Divisor (TD) of a Louis Number (LN) is larger than any known prime number, there are only two possibilities, that it will either never divide a LN or divide a LN, so eventually by the process of elimination we'll either find a larger LP (that I call a Louis Bonus Prime (LBP)) or we proved that because the TD that divides an LN that is larger than any known prime number it's larger than any known prime number and there's at least one larger prime divisor of the LN because no TN^k can equal a LN (assuming that are test divisors are always in ascending order of magnitude) so either way we would win the prizes if we do it before anyone using different approaches does.  Thus at least we know that sooner or later we would find prime numbers larger than any known prime number!

Finding large prime numbers with the LPA is more efficient than finding large prime numbers among MNs because it’s a necessary but not a sufficient condition that MN = 2^n -1 can only prime when n is prime.  Thus whenever n is greater than the largest known prime you either have to test that MN for primality or first test n for primality to potentially eliminate the need to test the MN.  Because MN is much larger than n unless n's primality is known a lot of computing time could be wasted if n isn't prime.  But that requires testing n for primality with every prime below its square root and then testing MN if n is prime.  But with the LPA each test divisor of LNs only needs to be run one time to either find that it’s a larger than any known prime and is a LPA or to eliminate it from ever dividing a LN which eventually we'd hope would find larger LPs.  Thus the LPA is at least several orders of magnitude a more efficient way to find large prime numbers then looking for MNP.

If you have any interest in working with me to win the $400,000 of prize money and a share of the prize money and glory, you may respond via email or call 7-days a week from 10:30AM to 11:45PM Pacific Time to either 619-401-9876. mobile:  619-496-3674 or toll free 888-588-9542.

Respectfully submitted,

George S. Louis, Esq., CEO

Digital Systems & Solutions

President San Diego Audio Society (SDAS)

Phone: 619-401-9876

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The monograph is at the bottom of